There is no way I can hide this for you and I cannot lie about it either: I am a little bit in love with my latest…

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Perm, Russia – “The teddy is a symbol of a happy youth”

In old Finnish language the word ‘perem’ means ‘far land’ and that is where Perm derived its name from. The 1.2 million…

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No idea for what the old mohair was used for before I picked up scissors to cut the pattern for this creation.

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Acquarelles on Fabric

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Spring in the Air

It is spring and therefor this teddy is in the mood to change the color of her mohair.

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Gee Gee

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Teddy Bowl

Every time I caught sight of these old greeting cards, there was this dualism whether to throw them away or to keep…

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To the Beach

Weather has been extremely warm for the time of the year in the Netherlands. The sunny sandy beaches, which are close…

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Bunny Creamy

As usual Easter time is pre-eminently the moment for Bunnies to show off, and Creamy isn't acting differently.

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Poste Restante

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